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Family History Courses are a great opportunity to share enthusiasm, motivation, brickwalls, your own discoveries and learn!   Website demonstration and guidance included.  During our sessions there's always the chance to follow-up your own research. To find out more about what will be included do please get in touch.

Free Summer Courses available now:  Family History - The Essentials

C36 77596 Mondays from 25th May : 9.15 am x 7 weeks

C36 77926 Fridays from 19th June : 11.30 am x 6 weeks

All face to face courses are now cancelled until late September 2020.  Summer courses enrolled swiftly and are now full, if more become available details will be posted here.

Link to the WEA Website though the above course title links should also work.

The WEA's online listings can be searched by towns OR ring their Office 0300 303 3464, they will take your details over the telephone.  Any problems please let me know -

Many thanks.

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